2017 REFUGE Screenings in Poland and Germany

Selfhelp Home Board member Ethan Bensinger is returning to Europe this Fall with his his award winning film “REFUGE: Stories of The Selfhelp Home.”  The documentary premiered at a screening at the JCC in Krakow, Poland on October 19th.

Bensinger said,”This is a truly a unique opportunity for Jews and non-Jews in Poland to learn about the war-time experiences of Selfhelp residents who were members of the Central European Jewish community. The experience of the Jews of Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia were in some ways different from those encountered by Polish or Russian Jews:  The latter didn’t have the opportunity to send children to England on the Kindertransport; or to seek refuge in Shanghai; or attempt to survive in Theresienstadt. Theirs was typically a ghetto experience culminating in transport to the death camps.”

From Poland, Bensinger will travel to Germany for 11 screenings at schools. This will include lectures at the University of Lüneburg and the University of Flensburg, as well as high school teacher training with the film in Frankfurt. Bensinger will end his trip with a Kristallnacht presentation on November 9th in Fulda, his mother’s home town.