Board of Directors

Selfhelp’s Board of Directors is comprised of extremely dedicated individuals with strong ties to our community and the people we serve.


Austin L. HirschPresident
Peter GlaserVice President
M. Jay HeilbrunnVice President
Martha W. LoewenthalVice President
Daniel WolfTreasurer


Ethan Bensinger
Jack Bierig
Sheila Cahnman
Arnold T. Davis
Richard Eggener
Suzanne Griffel
Dr. Raphael Juss
Steven Loewenthal
Stephen Nechtow 
Barbara N. Passman
Michael A. Perlstein
Dr. Bernard B. Pritzker
Dr. Michael H. Ries
George Rosenbaum
Les Stern
Craig Tuber
Leni Weil
Jerrold Wolf
Judith Wolf

Ex Officio

Sheila BogenExecutive Director
Marvin RubinDirector of Administrative Services